VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather’s Doghouse Exposed, Fighters fight for 31-minutes

Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. got his huge paycheck after winning his rematch against Marcos Maidana, the 47-0 undefeated boxer still in the headline for quite some time. Yahoo reports NEVADA Athletic Commission will investigate Mayweather’s doghouse where two boxers fight for straight 31 minutes as shown in the All Access video above. He will appear before the comission on Tuesday.

The Mayweather All-Access was aired on the last three Fridays before the fight on Showtime as part of the promotion of the fight. The video above was Part 2 episode where two lengthy fights was made at Mayweather’s gym. The fighter has no rest break for 31 minutes. First the boxer from London who fights an 18 year old but the older brother of the young man wanted revenge for his brother. So the boxer from London obliged to fight the older brother.

Mayweather was seen cheering in the fight and was quoted, ”The dog house – the rules are you fight till whoever quits”. To watch the video, forward it 7:27 time frame of the 29-minute episode.

But Mayweather’s trouble isn’t done yet. In another scene showed women using marijuana in the presence of Mayweather at his Las Vegas mansion.

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