VIDEO: Hassan Whiteside elbows Kelly Olynyk cost 1-game suspension

Miami Heat budding star player needs rehab for anger management. Just few days after he wrestled Phoenix Suns center Alex Len during last Tuesday, the hot-tempered Whiteside find himself in trouble again. NBA via Yahoo announced Monday that Whiteside has been suspended for one game without pay for nasty elbow on Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk’s back of the neck on game Monday night.

With Miami struggling without Chris Bosh, seems the team has found temporary fix with Whiteside posting some good numbers. But with the modest talent he showed, it’s not helping the team if he is always getting kicked for anger issues. Or Whiteside might switch to contact sports if he keep doing what he’s doing lately.

Even veteran teammate Dywane Wade was getting pissed by lambasting his immature teammate.

Watch Hassan Whiteside elbows Kelly Olynyk on Vine

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