VIDEO: Hawk dumps quadcopter drone in soccer field

Hawk wins battle against drone as the angry bird successfully took down the flying machine. Youtube user Christopher Schmidt posted a stunning video caught from GoPro Hero that was attached in his quadcopter drone.

He wrote,

I was flying my quadcopter at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, when a hawk decided he wasn’t too happy with my invasion of his airspace…

As far as I could tell, the juvenile red-tailed hawk came out unscathed, and having defeated his prey, was happy to retreat. (As soon as he flew at me, I throttled down the props to try to minimize any harm to the bird.) The quadcopter came out unscathed as well.

In the first recorded bird vs drone battle, the bird of prey won as the Hawk dumps quadcopter drone in soccer field. The hawk was probably nesting nearby and the drone got the beating.


Team SVA


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