VIDEO: Hilarious NBA triple flop in Kings vs Nuggets game

The hilarious first NBA triple flop was recorded between Sacramento Kings and Denver Nuggets with three players on starring roles of Kenneth Faried, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rudy Gay. In the vine video, it seems Faried, Cousins and Gay were acting a scene to pretend a grenade went off between them.

The three players has conniving going on since they were teammates in the US national mens basketball team. SB Nation phrased it, “Cousins and Faried are banging on the block when Rudy Gay walks into them for no reason and causes an explosion. But we prefer to imagine the grenade one.” Dimemag calls it ‘basketball embarrassment’.

Kings win the game 110-105.

Now it’s time for Adam Silver to strike the hammer and pull a triple fine on these three stuntmen on their hilarious NBA triple flop.

Team SVA


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