VIDEO: Jimmy Graham sexually harassed in touchdown celebration, done stands leaping

The NFL has dropped down the axe by clamping down strict rules on sexual harassment involving its players after the Ray Rice incident. But how about if the players are the victim just like New Orleans tightend Jimmy Graham who experienced some kind of sexually harassment when he leaped into the stands after touchdown celebration in scoring against San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

In the Vine video, Saints fan named ‘The Joker’ sort of groped Jimmy Graham in the stands by squeezing his buttocks. According to report, Saint’s super fan Scott McGowan alias The Joker said, “There was some debate about whether he was a receiver or a tight end, He’s definitely a tight end.”

Graham who was unaware of the butt-squeezing incident until the video surfaced, said that he’s done with stands leaping celebration, “That’ll probably be my last one after I got groped up,” Graham was quoted in BReport. “It was a moment in the game and I just wanted to go and thank all the fans for being there. Some people were trying to thank me a little too much…that’ll be the last one for me.”

FreeDictionary explains sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment”.

Graham could probably file a grievance with the NFL and see what Roger Goodell reaction.

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