Video: Johnny Manziel alcoholic, liar says Skip Bayless

ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless is probably the strongest supporter of Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel but the host hinted on Monday episode that he will drop from Manziel’s bandwagon. The Browns fined Manziel on Saturday for being late due to partying on Friday night, as told by ESPN.

Manziel denied the media reports that he threw a party on Monday interview but a photo acquired by TMZ reveals that Johnny was spotted past midnight at a Cleveland bar on Friday resulting him to miss his injury treatment session.

With ones last game for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, the question is why Manziel can’t wait a couple of days to party? Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith believe Manziel should seek treatment on his alcohol issues and Cleveland Browns should dump him.

Watch ESPN Fist Take video on Johnny Manziel alcoholic and liar.

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