VIDEO: Jordan Kilganon Scorpion Dunk trashes all NBA dunk champions

jordan kilganon photo
jordan kilganon photo

If you believed all those beautiful and nasty basketball dunks can be found in the NBA then you’re wrong. Even Michael Jordan dunks looks belittled by dunk phenom Jordan Kilganon especially when you factor his height. Kilganon is only 6’1 but he can dunk gracefully better than those taller than him even Lebron James or Blake Griffin to name a few.

Jordan Kilganon new explosive dunk called the Scorpion is one of his many dunks variations he store in the shelves in the past 2 months. And sure Scorpion Dunk trashes all NBA dunk champion including the 2014 champ John Wall which looks so easy once you saw Kilganon dunk.

Kilganon lives in Sudbury, ON, Canada and calls himself a professional dunker and has been giving advice and tips on his site.

Don’t blink watching Jordan Kilganon Scorpion Dunk.

Watch Jordan Kilagon Scorpion Dunk showcase in 2016 NBA All Star Dunk contest:

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