VIDEO: Justin Bieber crashes Mayweather vs Pacquiao LA presser photo

The first red carpet press-conference of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday looks like did not belong to boxing. Manny looks like a church minister wearing coat and tie while Floyd looks seems like a salesman sporting coat with matching slacks.

Both boxers Pacquiao and Mayweather stride down the red carpet aisle posing just like actors and actresses on Oscar Awards entertaining questions from the media as camera flashes in both directions. But at least we now have an idea of what is a $200 million mega-fight presser looks like.

All in all it is a very formal boxing event with both speaks cordially, no harsh words thrown or rowdy crowds chanting except Pacquiao’s trainer talking smack “kick his ass” referring to Floyd. All went well through the end on the final group photo when Justin Bieber sneak in crashes the shoot. Nice. We all know that Beiber is part of the Money Team but common, he’s a celebrity, why steal the moment from both fighters?

Justin Bieber crashes Mayweather vs Pacquiao LA presser


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