VIDEO: Kobe Bryant yelling Jeremy Lin of being soft?

Kobe Bryant hates losing and he will do whatever he can to rally the team even it means yelling his teammates including Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak during practice scrimmage on Thursday.

Jeremy Lin who was recently demoted from the starting lineup now plays against Kobe during practice scrimmage. It was intense moment when Kobe Bryant yelling Jeremy Lin with curse words who the later religiously practices his Christian faith.

This is what happen when you allowed the media inside during practice as beat writer Arash Markazi describes in his tweet:

Lin seems intimidated as Kobe dares him to shoot as Jeremy misses the shot. Nick Young told Lin after practice that you have to have some cojones in this league. The last time Kobe was furious on Lin was in a game against Memphis Grizzlies when Jeremy did not gave him the ball for the last shot.

Lin was very disappointed during his recent demotion to the bench posted 1 of 5 shooting following the Lakers’ 104-87 loss on Sunday to the New Orleans Pelicans at Staples Center. But for Lin to regain his starting spot he should exert more efforts to be a consistent contributor whenever the team needs him. He needs to tough as nail on offense as well as defense.

Watch video of Kobe Bryant yelling Jeremy Lin at practice to motivate him to play not better but great.

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