VIDEO: Kobe Bryant yelling Mitch Kupchak at practice, rips teammates as soft like Charmin

People close to Kobe Bryant knew he’s a great competitor and a trash talker too. That exactly what happen when the dissatisfied Kobe Bryant trashes his teammates including Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak after a practice game on Thursday.

Laker’s beat writer Mike Bresnahan described in his tweet:

Here’s the raw version of Kobe to Mitch:

Unlike Allen Iverson famous rant disliking to talk about practice, Kobe is just the opposite animal specie who was extremely unhappy of his teammates lack of effort and calling them soft like Charmin.

Lakers has its worst NBA record at 6-16 suffered a big blow in losing their priced rookie Julius Randle due to leg injury. Even Magic Johnson had wished the Lakers to lose games all the way to get a better positioning in the NBA draft next year.

But Kobe Bryant yelling Mitch Kupchak at practice isn’t just okay. We’re talking about practice man!


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