VIDEO: Lebron flops so bad after being hit by own teammate

Lebron James was famous for acrobatic dunks and alley oops but he is also known for his Lebron flops. Of all Lebron James flops, nothing could beat of his antics on Game 3 of Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors on Saturday night.

Take a look on Lebron flop video below:

You can find Lebron flop slo-mo on Vine too. To think that it was his teammate Tristan Thompson who swing with his left arm and caught James in the throat, and of course, Lebron fall backwards to the floor to sell the foul t referee.

Then memes took over like Rob Perez of Fox Sports who came up with the best — the Lance Stephenson ear blow explained. Eventually, the referee called double technicals on Thompson and Cory Joseph after the replay review.




Team SVA


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