VIDEO: Lebron James fadeaway gets funny reaction by Jay-Z, Kate Middleton

A hilarious video shot from a Viner caught Lebron James fadeaway in front of Jay-Z and Beyonce both with opposite reaction. While the Crazy In Love singer maintain her poise a bit Jay-Z can’t help raising his eyebrows upside down on Lebron fadeaway shot.

Watch video of Lebron’s fadeaway

Not only celebrities but add also the British Royals who were present in the game namely Prince William and Kate Middleton both where given a costume jersey by Lebron James. The royal couple was personally welcomed by Jay-Z who once a part time owner of the Nets. You can see Kate Middleton not that basketball fanatic but was in awe reacting Lebron fadeaway but not like over reacting compared to the two men next to her on Instagram photo.

Three reactions to a LeBron fadeaway by me, Dikembe, and a very nice British tourist.

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