VIDEO: Lebron James son vs Dywane Wade son: Who wins one on one?

Just recently Lebron James son made a splash playing ball at the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic in Houston’s nationally ranked Gulf Coast Blue Chips 4th grade squad. Lebron Jr. highlights are pretty impressive in driving, passing the ball probably just like Lebron when he was 10 years old.

Watch Lebron James son highlights on video below. We’ve seen him earlier playing ball but this one is really big improvement of Bronny.

Lebron Jr. followed Dwyane Wade son Zaire Wade who’s older also made the headlines at the John Lucas Future of the Game Camp in Las Vegas last year playing pretty impressive moves just like his father Miami Heat guard. We haven’t seen one-on-one of Lebron James son vs Dywane Wade son but based on their video highlights, both are fun to watch and one thing is clear in 9-10 years from now NBA teams will be giddy to sign both of them. They are the future star of the NBA for sure.

Watch Zaire Wade highlights below:

Team SVA


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