VIDEO: Lebron James vs Derrick Rose buzzer beater, Who wins?

Lebron James just broke the internet with his rare buzzer-beater jump shot in the corner to win Game 4 against Chicago on Sunday thriller. Cleveland Cavaliers now tied the series 2-2 after 86-84 dramatic win at the United center. Lebron has double-double with 25 points and 14 rebounds.

ESPN Skip Bayless can’t contain his emotion after Lebron’s shot that rarely seen in a while. Figure it out in caption tweets,

Watch Lebron buzzer-beater:

Derrick Rose lead Chicago with 31 points but can’t find his spot donw the stretch. Remember few nights ago, it was Derrick Rose buzzer-beater bank shot that stunned the world, as long as your’e basketball fans.

That said who wins in Lebron James vs Derrick Rose buzzer beater duel?

Team SVA


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