VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch interview should be enough to drive away reporters

First of all Marshawn Lynch is a Seattle Seahawks running back, a football player and not a spokesperson on the team. He has the right to choose not to answer to the media. But the NFL mandated media rule forces Lynch to answer interviews just to avoid the surmounting $50,000 NFL fine.

After the hard fought 19-3 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday where Lynch has 15 carries for 39 yards, he has still to answer ridiculous questions.

There you go, Marshawn Lynch answers the interviews with 12-yeah, a maybe, bossie and no juice. Yahoo call Lynch as immature but reporters are fully aware Lynch has a problem with being interviewed, yet why they are still asking questions? Why don’t they leave him alone?

Lynch eventually turned the table and made a fool out the reporters.

Watch Marshawn Lynch beastmode interview, sensing the yeah answer should be enough drive the reporters away from the beast..

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