VIDEO: Michigan State vs Michigan Highlights: Wolverines punter awful fumble

Big Ten showdown between Michigan State vs Michigan was a stunner in Ann Arbor! Michigan Wolverines has the game in the bag leading 23-21 with 10 seconds left against rival Michigan State Spartans and all they have to do is wrap up the final play which is a punt.

But they couldn’t. Blame it on Wolverines punter Blake O’neill who couldn’t handle the punt and fumbles the ball which was recovered by Spartans Jallen Watts Jackson for a 38 yards touchdown. Final score 27-23. Unbelievable game and a shocker for the Wolverines fans. Jalen Watts-Jackson grabbed a flubbed punt and lumbered 38 yards into the end zone for a touchdown on the final play of the game, giving Michigan State a shocking 27-23 win over Michigan in one of college football’s most unlikely endings.

The flub cost them the game punt on 4th-and-2 from the Spartans’ 47-yard line as O’Neill lost the football at the Michigan State 40-yard line, with the Spartans recovering the football. From there, it was a race to the end zone—a race in which Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson won.

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Michigan State at Michigan Football Highlights

Blake O’neill costly fumble

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