VIDEO: Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin skit interview mocking NFL policies on point

In retribution for their comrade Marshawn Lynch being fined for $100,000 in violation of the NFL’s players-media policy, Seattle Seahawks teammates Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin made a skit skit interview in their team press conference on Tuesday.

Sherman and Baldwin skit interview pokes fun in mocking the NFL’s players-media policy of being fined by not talking to the media. Various issues were brought up like the two games in five days. The Seahawks will face San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Thanksgiving Day which allow them to play on three day rest after last Sunday action.

Sherman has some valid point saying, ..”They (NFL) talk about player safety so much, and it’s like, two games in five days does not seem like you care about player safety too much.”

Sherman interview even earned praise from rival 49ers Eric Ried in Twitter.

Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin skit interview


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ESPN First Take analysis:

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