VIDEO: Saints fan steals the ball from female Bengals’ fan

New Orleans Saints fans are buzzing the internet for two weeks in a row but maybe not something the Saints faithful can be proud of. Aside from the Jimmy Graham tight end butt-grabbing headline last week against the 49ers game, this time a New Orleans Saints fan steals the ball from Cincinnati Bengals fan.

Here’s what happen, after Bengals Jermaine Gresham scores a touchdown, the tight-end freely give the ball to a female fan in the stands but Saints fan Tony Williams came out of nowhere to grab the ball then roughing up the female fan with an elbow. Och! Yes, we got the name of Bengals fan too who is identified as Christa Barrett according to ESPN. She came on pleading for the ball from the jerk, but to her surprised he won’t give it

After the camera panned of another drama in the stands, the Saints noticed the commotion and found a way to settle it by giving different football to Barrett.

Gresham knew the story and tweet about it later.

Cincinnati Bengals went on to romped the Saints 27-10.

Another look:

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