VIDEO: Sam Gordon highlights 2014, football phenom girl faster than ever

Sam Gordon is back running football  in 2014 (Photo Twitter)
Sam Gordon is back running football in 2014 (Photo Twitter)

If you remember the pint-sized little girl Sam Gordon who ran the football like Badgers’ Melvin Gordon that made her an internet sensation a couple of years ago, well she’s back. And she rans the football faster than ever in out-running boys, well sometimes she got caught and tackled hard.

After her video went viral few years back, Gordon caught attention in the football world. She has her own cereal commercial, invited by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the Super Bowl and traveling around the country for various TV and public appearances. She has a stint training soccer and eventually has a chance hanging out with the U.S. Womens national team.

Lately, Gordon now 11, dedicated a Youtube channel to give you updates about her return playing football this season. Although she has the natural quickness but she trains hard to develop her agility and explosiveness in the field. Gordon has scored 15 touchdown and average 13 yards per carry, she can play defense as well with 59 tackles, 3 interception, and a fumble recovery on her 2014 season. Gordon plays for the Herriman district team, near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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