VIDEO: San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium Time Lapse from ground breaking to opening day

San Francisco 49ers’ Levis Stadium is the newest NFL game arena sprawling with new high-tech and awarded as greenest building in all sports stadium. Located in Santa Clara, around 45-minute drive south of San Francisco, Levi’s Stadium took shape in this two-minute timelapse video, way shorter than 29 months of construction.

EarthCam took over 200,000 HD images of Levi’s Stadium as it was being built from the ground up with their three megapixel cameras and one HD streaming cam documented the process. Watch the Levi’s Stadium from groundbreaking to game opening day. On sad note, 49ers lost to the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football.

Levi’s Stadium is the home of San Francisco 49ers with along with it’s first tenant Major League Soccer San Jose Earthquakes. It also host college football games and serve as sports and entertaining venue.

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