VIDEO: San Francisco Giants vs Washington Nationals highlights, Giants clinches NLCS

The SF Giants clinches the NL Championship Series by defeating the Washington Nationals 3-2 on Tuesday night. The Giants will face St. Louis Cardinals Game 1 on Saturday.

The San Francisco Giants vs Washington Nationals highlights are not that exciting (actually boring) with no big plays at bats, well, except the tying home run off McCovey cove by Bryce Harper.

But the Giants scored on the oddest way possible. How they scored? A walk, ground out, and a wild pitch. Whatever it takes, they get the job done.

The stand alone of Giants play probably was Hunter Pence catch on the fence in robbing a home run from the Nationals.

And let the bubble booze Giants celebration begin.

How about Madison Bumgarner beer bath Part 2!


Team SVA


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