VIDEO: Skip Bayless put Mayweather TMT shirt freaks out on First Take

ESPN First Take Podcast, Skip Bayless wear TMT Hat
ESPN First Take Podcast,

Skip Bayless pays his bet to Stephen A. Smith by wearing The Money Team shirt (TMT) at the ESPN First Take set on Monday episode after Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather in the mega fight last Saturday in MGM Grand Las Vegas.

For whatever reason, the ESPN First Take host Bayless freaks out in the set by unbetting when he rip off the TMT cap and shirt which stunned his co-host Stephen A.

Bayless pundits on Twitter waste no time to troll the losing host suggesting to put back the TMT gear and not be sore loser.

For the record, when Stephen A. Smith pays off bet by wearing a Tony Romo jersey after the Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks 30-23 last year’s NFL season. With that said, it’s just so disrespectful for Skip to take off that Mayweather shirt.

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