VIDEO: Stephen Curry broke NBA veteran announcer Mike Breen and Korean media

What else Stephen Curry didn’t break on the Golden State Warriors’s thrilling overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night? Not only Curry broke his own record but everything including the way NBA game should be broadcast play-by-play in live TV. Even the veteran Mike Breen lost his composure and cannot restrain his emotion on his famous ‘BANG-BANG’ line where supposed to be one bang only. It’s pretty sure the NBA on ABC announcer has already heard his own voice on numerous replays on Saturday’s classic and by now would have do it differently in a calmer and authoritative manner at same time.

Listen Mike Breen’s bang on video below.

On Vine video too:

But it’s Stephen Curry. He can break the NBA game supposed to be broadcasted too. Even the Korean TV play-by-play announcer also went nuts.

The only cool NBA radio play-by-play announcer that was more composed Curry’s game winner was probably Warrior’s Tim Roye of San Francisco’s KNBR.

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