VIDEO: Taj Gibson leg-lock by Matthew Dellavedova highlights, reaction Chicago vs Cleveland

Matthew Dellavedova should have trended on Twitter if his name was short as Gibson on Bulls 101-106 loss to Cleveland Cavaliers on Game 5 Tuesday night. Instead Chicago forward Taj Gibson was the talk on social media when he was ejected in the game for kicking Dellavedova.

In the replay, it was clear that Matthew instigate the contact by leg locking Gibson. The Cav’s reserve guard was even rewarded by referees with two free throws. The melee forces players from both teams exchanged shoves and pushes luckily no punches thrown.

It was brilliant maneuver by the Aussie guard who dodges referee call but he may receive some sort of punishment when the NBA reviews the incident on Wednesday.

Many folks doesn’t agree with the call:

Check video Taj Gibson leg-lock by Matthew Dellavedova:

Team SVA


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