VIDEO: Trevor Booker crazy tap-shot backwards broke the internet

No, it isn’t Trevor Ariza but Trevor Booker who made the tap-shot backwards into the rim that broke the internet.

With 0.2 (two-tenths) second remaining in the shot clock, Trevor Booker of Utah Jazz can’t think of a shot except to tap it backwards into the rim and pray. Miraculously, it went in. It is probably the whackiest shot on the NBA in 2015. But it is doable. We don’t know if Booker practice this shot before but it takes a lot of practice to get the angle on this shot even if your a volleyball player I guess. But he admitted via ESPN, that he did practice those shots and the payday came in. “Well, I didn’t know the play,” he said. “At first, I just went to the rim for the lob. It wasn’t there, so I just tried to give G (Gordon Hayward) an outlet. I knew I couldn’t catch the ball. He bounced it. I know you won’t believe me, but I really do practice those shots. I guess you could say the hard work finally paid off.”

Deadspin calls it volleyball pass shot though.

Although Utah Jazz lost to OKC Thunder 99-94, sure Booker beat shot clock that also broke the internet. By the way, No, it’s not Kim Kardashian butt mag-cover either that broke the internet.

Watch Trevor Booker crazy tap-shot video below.

Here’s Trevor Booker hilarious, ridiculous buzzer beater shot on Vine

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