VIDEO: Tristan Thompson kisses sideline interviewer invites nasty reactions

Sports trending video this week takes us supposedly to NBA game play like Kyrie Irving dishes to Lebron but not this time as fellow Cavs Tristan Thompson kisses female sideline interviewer made it to trending hot topic. Thompson who scored 17 points and added 11 rebounds thought that his performance is worthy of a kiss to Cleveland Cavaliers sideline reporter Allie Clifton.

Thompson was heavily chastised by social media forums as act form of sexual harassment.

Here’s some Tristan Thompson kisses sideline interviewer nasty reaction.

“Where are the feminists and Democrats? This is sexual battery. She did not invite the sexual act of this man. This is a bona fide War on Women, and you’re all silent because it was perpetrated by another Democrat constituency.” – Bleau Mi

“I’m a feminist and I find this disgusting. This guy clearly should go to jail as a sexual predator for giving her an innocent kiss on her head. I mean my god at least suspend him the whole year to teach him a lesson! I wrote this on my feminist blog and all the ladies agreed with me. How dare him go unpunished for this MALICIOUS attack on this poor innocent girl.” -Spawngebob

Yahoo article calls Tristan Thompson kiss really, really screwed up.

One suggest that the people defending Thompson are basically saying “kissing co-workers without permission is totally fine”.

What you guys think.

Team SVA


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