VIDEO: Update Leslie Smith ear torn half off, promise to do better next time

UFC famale fighter Leslie Smith almost lost her ear from a vicious punch by Jessica Eye in UFC 180 bout on Saturday at Mexico City Arena. The fight was stop by the ringside doctor due to the massive blood from the ear which almost cut off. Leslie Smith ear update was released through a photo via Sqor with a message, I was pretty mad in the cage. I saw some pictures afterward and I appreciate the doctors looking out for me. I guess. I should’ve adjusted to protect my ear before the doctors had to stop it. Thank you for all the support, thank you to my sponsors Kleinburg Private Wealth, Venum, Major’s Pharmacy, Vitality Bowls, and WODBOX. Thank you to my team and my coaches at El NiƱo Training Center for getting me ready. Thank you to all the fight fans. I’ll do better next time.

According to Wikipedia, Leslie injury condition is called cauliflower ear with the outer ear becomes permanently swollen and deformed. If Leslie tries to come back in the octagon it could be better to just cut off the torn part of her ear rather than putting back the cartilage through surgery since it could be reinjured again in her next fight.

Leslie Smith ear torn half off is tough to watch in the video below as the blood burst once her ear was hit with the punch. Tougher to watch than Evander Holyfield ear beaten by Mike Tyson.


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