VIDEO: Warriors Draymond Green pelts Seahawks fans with grapes

Don’t mess with a Spartan and a Warrior. That is the message of former MSU basketball star now Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green trying to get across. Draymond and the gang in tow including teammate Stephen Curry attended the NFC Divisional playoff game between Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks when things getting messy.

Watching the game from a suite, Green’s entourage indulges a verbal altercation with some Seahawks fans in the rows below when the game was out of reach for the Panthers. Earlier reports that Green pelted foods to the Seahawks fans but he clarified it in his tweet that it’s only 4 grapes he threw.

Green said he’s not a Panther fan. Maybe a Packer. One lesson Draymond gonna learn probably spotting people with smart phones ready to capture his every move, especially his a professional athlete. But it’s only four grapes. But one thing is clear, 49ers fans will be forever be thankful of Draymond. Good thing Seattle Supersonics had moved to Oklahoma or else we can watch another heated NBA rivalry.

Watch TMZ video of Draymond Green pelts Seahawks fans with grapes


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