Warriors beat Bulls Record Countdown: 52-5, Golden State vs Orlando highlights

Warriors beat Bulls record countdown continues as Golden State win back-to-back games this time against Orlando Magic 130-114 on Thursday night. Stephen Curry has another terrific performance with 51 points the night after scoring 42 in Miami. This is Curry’s third 50-point game of the season. The last year’s league MVP made also few more NBA records, this time a NBA 3-point streak he now owns in 128 games. breaking Kyle Korver’s record of Atlanta at 127.

Warriors usual frenetic offense was fueled with 35 team assist and 42 rebounds, therefore overcoming the team’s 20 turnovers.

Check Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic highlights:

Check Stephen Curry’s 51-point performance.

The Warriors NBA record 52-5 suggests that Bay Area team is on pace to break the 1996 Chicago Bulls record 72-10.

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Golden State Warriors Schedule Update:

Warriors @ Thunder (Feb. 27)
Warriors vs. Hawks (March 1)
Warriors vs. Thunder (March 3)
Warriors @ Lakers (March 6)
Warriors vs. Magic (March 7)
Warriors vs. Jazz (March 9)
Warriors vs. Blazers (March 11)
Warriors vs. Suns (March 12)
Warriors vs. Pelicans (March 14)
Warriors vs. Knicks (March 16)
Warriors @ Mavericks (March 18)
Warriors @ Spurs (March 19)
Warriors @ Timberwolves (March 21)
Warriors vs. Clippers (March 23)
Warriors vs. Mavericks (March 25)
Warriors vs. Sixers (March 27)
Warriors vs. Wizards (March 29)
Warriors @ Jazz (March 30)
Warriors vs. Celtics (April 1)
Warriors vs. Blazers (April 3)
Warriors vs. Timberwolves (April 5)
Warriors vs. Spurs (April 7)
Warriors @ Grizzlies (April 9)
Warriors @ Spurs (April 10)
Warriors vs. Grizzlies (April 13)

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