Watch World Cup 2014: Group C – Analysis and Predictions

Watch World Cup 2014 is a new series based on the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Here we predict the fates of the group C teams; Colombia, Greece, Japan and Ivory Co…

Team SVA


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  • George Kiamos says:

    Greece is preparing hard for the World Cup which means that they will not
    lose by any of these teams. I think Radamel Falcao will not be playing in
    this World Cup which will bring down the hopes of Colombia qualifying. I
    predict Greece and Ivory Coast qualifying. Greece will probably be
    eliminated in quarter finals but if they are lucky with the draw they may
    produce some huge surprises

  • Danielmaster HackerHero says:

    Its colombia not coloumbia

  • Akira Nandate says:

    Japan finished second round last time

  • sugaris says:

    All we have to do is to watch the world cup with joy and let the best or
    the luckiest win nothing more…SUPPORT GREECE dont forget that the last 4
    years had only 5 loses and also the last 10 years counts 1 euro
    championship 2004 and 4 appearences in the last big football events…GO

  • jhoyos88 says:

    Colombia has a chance to win it all with the team they have right now. very
    powerful team. 

  • Oliver Eaton says: