Watch World Cup 2014: Group D – Analysis and Predictions

Watch World Cup 2014 is a new series based on the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Here we predict the fates of the group D teams; Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Ita…

Team SVA


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  • gianni11gianni . says:

    This people are stupid in 2010 Italy dint have the best players now in 2014
    World Cup they have new young players like immobile, insigne, parolo,
    marchisio and verratti. And England fans don’t be crying when Italy is
    going to beat you.

  • Migueloooche says:

    Italy beat england and germany in euro’s and did very well in qualifying.
    Also in 2010 our team was terrible, we didn’t have our star players, they
    were injured including buffon and pirlo. good luck to england they r gonna
    need it. we also got balotelli

  • Daniel Sanderson says:

    Penalties we will lose on

  • Daniel Sanderson says:

    Uruguary and england will go into next round as italy have got a plumber

  • Oliver Eaton says: