Whoopi Defends Stephen A. Smith: If You Hit a Man, Don’t Be Surprised if He Hits Back

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith apologized today for his comments about domestic violence, but he also found a defender today in Whoopi Goldberg, who went off on …

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  • Millkstarr says:

    I agree… 100 percent !

  • Sexii Will says:

    amen. im a female I’ve been married for 2 years to a wonderful man , i
    don’t like that women feel like they can do that and get away with it. 

  • James Roman says:

    Whoopi is absolutely, unequivocally correct.

  • Mygaffer says:

    The woman is NOT The victim. You can’t go around striking people.

  • Kerry King says:

    One person was still surprised when she got hit back. 

  • silly .bastard says:

    Bravo, Whoppi. She told the truth. Men no longer go by the the "Chevilry
    code" because "Feminism" killed it. Chivalry – is the idea of giving women
    preferential treatment, and Feminism – is the idea that women are equal to
    a man. I guarantee every single woman on this panel wants equal treatment
    as a man, but I can tell you as a man, if I walk up to another man (no
    matter how big he is) and hit him, he will hit me back. So which is it
    ladies? Do you want Chivalry or Feminism? No, they want their cake, and to
    eat it too.

  • st.louis missouri says:

    never herd of a law that says you can not hit a women 

  • Jabbar Peterson says:

    Know this is a real black women ..

  • Jay Tee says:

    I know if a woman hit me, she better pray she can take a beating and have
    endurance. I don’t care who you are. if you hit me, be ready to throw

  • Larry Thompson says:

    Espn just suspended Max Kellerman for telling a story about while he was in
    college his girlfriend and now wife slapped him and he slapped her back.
    People are calling what he did domestic abuse! Well who abused who?

  • MovieHound17 says:

    exactly what sas smith…..now why isn’t she fired? exactly because its the

  • 101 Points says:

    Who is the woman in the center that has red hair?

  • Lbrown003 says:

    I going to watch Sister Act now

  • SayWHA Radio says:

    Is Whoopi right? #WhoopiGoldberg #TheView #RayRice #StephenASmith #ESPN

  • Man O'Neal says:

    This shouldn’t even need to be said. It should be common logic that if you
    hit someone…they might hit back.

  • 2LTime33 says:

    if a woman is hitting a man, she can possibly get hurt no matter how he
    responds. Obviously hitting , but even if he simply grabs her hand/arm and
    tries to stop her peacefully while she wants to hit or keep hitting, she
    could still get hurt.
    think about that you fools against Whoopie or SAS. honestly think about it.

    If you hit anyone they want to stop it or possibly retaliate.
    people like this mccarthy act like women never do anything wrong, but they
    do. nobody is perfect. 

  • jamezjr7979 says:

    I agree with Whoopie, no one should be hitting anyone, Women should not hit
    men, Men should not hit women, Jenny Mcarthy is saying Women can hit men,
    but men should never hit them back, So basically she saying, Women are
    allowed to be violent and even tho men are the victims, they cant do
    anything back lol riiiiight, Jenny’s a loser