Why Did the Clippers Get Eliminated?

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss what led to the Los Angeles Clippers losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals of the NBA Playoffs.

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  • Kevern Hoilett says:

    Clippers cannot restrict teams to under 100pts and play under pressure
    situations. They also lost because they rely on jumpshots to fall too much
    DJ and Griffin need to work on their post game.

    If OKC gets eliminated by the Spurs I hope they dont use the "Ibaka"

  • ROKINROD23 says:

    the refs..The Refs….THE REFS!!! but in all honesty clippers have a squad
    and jordan needs to work on his craft just like griffin did and they will
    be unstoppable

  • DrakejuniorII says:

    so if being a superstar u have to have a ring y do people call kevin durant
    a superstar ?

  • carrastealth says:

    Wonder when they’re gonna start criticizing like they criticized Carmelo
    who has made it further in the playoffs than CP3 has and had worse teams. 

  • L’Carpetron Dookmarriot says:

    Stephen A speaking "Ultimately, particularly, simply because, whatever the
    case may be…." lmao he says these words A LOT

  • phillip le says:

    Is KD a SUPERstar to Skip? He hasn’t won a ring, yet?

  • Brendan Khoun says:

    Why was the Clippers eliminated? Because they lost obviously

  • Christian Prado says:

    No Ibaka= no championship for OKC

  • honorguard88 says:

    That Reggie Jackson call at the end of game 5… That’s what got them
    eliminated. Side note: Stats show when a team goes 3-2 in a series they’ll
    win it 80% of the time in game 6. Anyway Thunder won’t do much at all to
    the Spurs without Ibaka…

  • striker4life360 says:

    Its easy to see why the clippers got eliminated. They’re a good team but
    they added pieces just for the sake of adding pieces and not to counteract
    the best of the west. They added 3 point shooters and coach when they
    really should have added a 3 and 2 that can play defense to help slow down
    KD and Westbrook. This team also is very reliant on CP3 and Blake that’s
    okay but when your other starting 5 are a liability and your 2 best players
    are not better than the opposing teams 2 best players, than you have a
    problem. Honestly this series wasn’t very close for the majority of the
    games and if not for CP3 game 1 aberration this series could have gone 5
    games. Goes to show how better the thunder are than the clippers.

  • Robin Raphael says:

    Honestly that game 6 ruined the Clippers. The refs were to blame as much as
    CP3 turnovers…

  • kevin parker says:

    5:37, dat sneeze. 

  • FrankoiNHD says:

    It’s okay spurs are taking them out

  • Kaywon Simpson says:

    This OKC Team cannot defeat spurs,heat, or pacers in 7gm series 

  • David Nikolay says:

    Clippers aren’t a good playoff team. Why do people still not get this? 

  • Dwight Dunker says:

    Cant believe they disabled the comments in the micheal sam video…
    mmmm…. I wonder what people were saying….

  • Rellthaking09 says:

    Why does everybody have to say well OKC won because of the refs or the NBA
    is rigged why cant it be because OKC is just the better team, Chris Paul
    and Blake did not come to play that night and KD and Westbrook showed why
    KD is our MVP and why Westbrook is one of the best players in the NBA.

    I agree 100% with both of them, just stop making excuses for this team, OKC
    closed out the series as they needed to in a must win game for the

  • Legend Burr says:

    Stephen a smith should get "Kevin Durant can pull up from 30" tatted 

  • Nathan Adeleye says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Jamal Crawford has choked the past two games?

  • QCW says:

    Stephen A always mentions KD can pull up from 30 lol

  • wolf7elite7 says:

    Because the last two games where rigged

  • Bryanwsny says:

    Why Did the Clippers Get Eliminated? Answer-Refs. Note: I don’t hate OKC
    but its the facts.

  • Rafael Uribe says: